Big Apple Comix

Publisher: Big Apple Productions

Date Published: 1975

Page Count: 36 black and white

Cover Price: $1.00

Genre: Adult/Humor

Size: Standard
(6-3/4 x 9-5/8)

Other Artists and Contributers: Larry Hama, Paul Kirchner, Stu Schwartzberg, John Severin, Archie Goodwin, Al Williamson, Linda Fite, Neal Adams, Ralph Reese, Al Weiss, Herb Trimpe, Mike Ploog, Michele Brand

Notes: Collection of short humor and satire stories.

Wally Wood: Full color cover, Wally Wood pencils and inks along with Larry Hama, Paul Kichner, Stu Schwartzberg and Michele Brand
Stories: "My Word" Wally Wood script, pencils and inks. Parody of his famous strip "My World" for E.C. Comics in Wierd Science #22. 3 pages, black and white. Story: "The Tube " script by Wally Wood, Al Williamson pencils and inks. 3 pages, black and white. Story: "Lotsa Yocks" Wally Wood inks Herb Trimpe pencils. 2 pages, black and white.