Thrilling Science Fiction

Publisher: AC Comics (Paragon Publications)

Date Published: 1998

Page Count: 76

Cover Price: $9.95

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy reprint

Size: Standard

Other Artists and Contributers: Reed Crandall, Ray Willner, George Evans, Bernie Krigstein, Joe Doolin, H. C. Kiefer, Matt Baker, Bill Benulus, Joe Orlando, Earl K. Bergey

Notes: All vintage scifi reprints from the Golden Age of the 1940s and '50s; "Space Magnet" an episode of the "Interplanetary Police" series, by Reed Crandall and Ray Willner; "The Lost World" by George Evans from Fiction House's Planet Comics; Bernie Krigstein's "Jealousy On Kano" from Planet Comics #16; "Mars, God Of War," drawn by Joe Doolin; "Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron," illustrated by H. C. Kiefer; "Mysta Of The Moon" from Planet #53 drawn by Matt Baker; "Cerebex" from Planet #73 by Bill Benulus. Color painted cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 76 pages, standard comic book format.

Wally Wood: Inside cover, black & white pulp illustration reprint.
Story: "The Martian Slavers" a Captain Science story with Joe Orlando from Captain Science #4, Youthful Magazines. 7 pages.