Men of Mystery

Publisher: AC Comics

Date Published: 1999

Page Count: 52 Black & White

Cover Price: $6.95

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy reprint

Size: Standard
(6.5" x 10.125")

Other Artists and Contributers: George Evans, Bernie Krigstein, Ray Orsin, Ralph Mayo, Martin L. Greim, Bill Black

Notes: 1950's space stories; "The Dark Side Of The Moon," starring Captain Video, from Fawcett Comics, drawn by George Evans; Ziff-Davis' Space Patrol in "Robber Baron Of Deimos" drawn by Bernie Krigstein; "The Forbidden Frequency," starring Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, drawn by Ray Orsin from Charlton; Lev Gleason's Rocky X Of The Rocketeers, in "Earth Raiders From Galaxy X," illustrated by Ralph Mayo. Also, "Collector's Corner" by Martin L. Greim, "Who The Heck Is Xog," and "Rocky X Of The Rocketeers" by Bill Black. Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format.

Wally Wood: Story: "Kenton of the Star Patrol" from Strange Worlds #3, Avon. 8 pages.