Jesse James

Publisher: AC Comics

Date Published: 1990

Page Count: 64 Black & White

Cover Price: $3.95

Genre: Western reprint

Size: Standard
(6.5" x 10.125")

Other Artists and Contributers: Everett Raymond Kinstler, Leonard Starr, Joe Kubert, Bill Feret

Notes: Western theme reprints include "The Holdup At Hangman's Knot," "The Terror Peak Train Robbery," and "Trapped By The Pinkertons," all drawn by Everett Raymond Kinstler; "Operation: Jesse James," and "The Ghost Town Gunmen," both by Leonard Starr, and "Gunplay At Gallatin," "Texas Killer," and "The Great Prison Break," by Joe Kubert. Plus text and photos by Bill Feret- "Jesse James Rides Again," and a complete filmography of all the movies that featured the Jesse James character.

Wally Wood: One page teaser for 3 stories; "Texas Killer," "Gunplay At Gallatin" and "The Great Prison Break."