Golden Age Greats

Publisher: AC Comics

Date Published: 1998

Page Count: ?

Cover Price: $9.95

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy reprint

Size: Standard

Other Artists and Contributers: Reed Crandall, Bernard Krigstein, Al Williamson , Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Matt Baker, George Evans, Brad Gorby

Notes: From Reed Crandall, an episode of the Interplanetary Police, titled "Rumpus On Rex", reprinted from the rare Buster Brown shoestore givaway comic; Bernard Krigstein, "Battle For Alana", starring The Space Busters, from St. John's Daring Adventures #1; "When Duty Calls", illustrated by Al Williamson, from ACG. "Dead Reckoning", by Steve Ditko, from Charlton's Space Adventures #11, "Solar Legion" and "Cosmic Carson," both by Jack Kirby, from Tem Publications Crash Comics Adventures, and Fox Features Science Comics #4, respectively. From Fiction House "Mysta Of The Moon," by Matt Baker, and "The Lost World," by George Evans, from Planet Comics. Cover by Brad Gorby, interior black and white.

Wally Wood: Story: "The Alien Raiders!" a Kenton Of Star Patrol originally published in Strange Worlds #3, Avon.