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I originally launched SPLASH PAGES in 2003, as a comic themed website with the WALLY WOOD ONLINE CHECKLIST as it's main feature. I continued its presence on the internet with infrequent updates until sometime in 2008, when my service provider (who hosted the site to me for free) sold the business and I no longer had access to the free service. At that point I decided to leave it dormant, keeping in the back of my mind that I would eventually like to bring it back to life.

SPLASH PAGES is back, resurrected with a redesign, incorporating a few of the features from the original site, including the WALLY WOOD ONLINE CHECKLIST and some of my old comic art. This time I intend to include more content featuring my own work; I have some recent comic projects I've finished or have in the works, and I hope to find the time to work on a web comic that has been floating around in my head for quite some time. To anyone interested, I will update progress on the various projects that I will be working on.

I appreciate any suggestions, corrections or contributions visitors to the site may have. Contact me


Wally Wood was born in 1927 and began his career in the comic book industry in the late 40s. After joining the staff at EC Comics, his star would rise quickly as one of their premiere artists. With the comic book industry's self-imposed censorship by the Comics Code Authority starting in the 50s, EC would ultimately discontinue their comics line and change their remaining humor publication, MAD, into a magazine format. Wood would continue his relationship with MAD for several years, ultimately leaving acrimoniously. He would go on to work for all of the major comic book companies, including Marvel, DC, Charlton, Gold Key, and help found Tower Comics, which introduced the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Dynamo, NoMan, and several other characters. Unfortunately, Wood found it difficult working for many of these companies, feeling his work was under-appreciated and under-compensated. He was one of the first professional comic creators to self publish, but his efforts were less than lucrative. As he aged into his 50s, Wood's health began to deteriorate and it affected his eyesight and his artwork. After moving to California, he died at his own hand in 1981. He left behind a body of work that includes some of the greatest comic art ever produced.

Wood artwork copyright 2014 Wallace Wood Properties, LLC. ARR


Raised on the ice planet Mn, Neil longed to find a place in the universe far from the wind and snow. After reaching young adulthood, he set sail on the solar winds, eventually settling on the star system California, earning a modest existence in the graphics trade. There he has remained, honing his skills in cartooning and art, engaging the new technologies presented in the computer age, and lurking on the fringes of the comic book establishment. This website is a portal to some of his interests and endeavors, and he hopes you will find something of value here to validate taking the time to visit.


In my pursuit to work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, I would present to potential clients a portfolio consisting of some of my best material. Part of my presentation was a website that showed the types of services I could offer and the work I was capable of. I am no longer seeking work in this area, but I've uploaded the website for anyone who is curious to see it.


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